Sunday, July 14, 2013

Consume - by Sarah Dillon

Smell the town. Streets lined with glamour and glitz, lights and façade that demand my attention: pick me, look here, newer, brighter, better, more.

The tendrils of the products reach, grope for my ankles as I pass; they know I am already ensnared by my own desire.

Consume, consume, the visceral shrieks permeate from Wall Street through the worldwide web and all over my city.

Step by step, lamb to the slaughter
[but the butcher is me],
taking part in the mechanical transaction
in the machine that spins to promote some over all.

the whisper travels from somewhere deep in my gut to coil itself around my neck and end up somewhere,

most likely embedded in the room in my brain I am least likely to access.


I stuff myself. Food and coffee and every delectable morsel imaginable, crumbs on my plate, falling to the floor, sweeping from the table along with my knowing guilt at tasting another’s blood.

I wield the plastic - the rights - the adrenaline-pumping power!

But with great power comes great responsibility, Hollywood [that paragon of virtue!] tells us,

and so I am to choose carefully, consult my heart, even…picking my way amongst the death and the life and the gray in-betweens.

I know this isn’t directly political, a work of remarkable profundity, or even great literary merit! But I’d like to add some questions to ponder:
- what’s my attitude towards consumption?
- what have I purchased today – need or want?
- how have my recent purchases impacted the world around me?

- could a change in my spending habits positively impact others?


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