Monday, April 19, 2010

The Raising of New Public Stories?

David Tacey in Re-Enchantment (2000, p.242) comments:
"We are witnessing the death of one public story and the birth of another story, and no part of society can be immune from such a transformation. We have outgrown the narrative that used to contain our lives and provide meaning, because it is too narrow and we have matured. We no longer want life to revolve around the rational mind or ego and its wishes and desires... We desperately require a larger story, one which allows us to shed the illusions of the separate ego and join together in celebration of our spiritual unity."

A host of social commentators, some religious, some secular, have since Sept. 11 joined David Tacey and argued that we're now entering a "para secular or post-secular era", that there is a new place for religious discussion in the public domain.

Have you heard this in your conversations? What does this sound like where you're at? How could The Salvation Army enter into this new public discussion? Where are the possibilities? Are there dangers?

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