Tuesday, March 30, 2010

sustainability of the land

Wallis spoke about the 7th generation mind-set of the Native Americans and the value of a sustainable economy. I found it interesting to read about the Māori value of land. For example, for Maori, the land is linked to all the ancestors of the past. It’s also linked to all the generations of the future. In the present, it’s cared for by guardians or stewards who make sure the life source of the land and its resources aren’t adversely affected or weakened through human activity. The sustainability of the ecosystem is important as each generation is required to leave to the next generation an inheritance at least as plentiful as that received. The land is on loan in the present for the grandchildren of the future.
This belief in the value of the land as a gift on loan requiring our careful guardianship rings true to me. It seems wise to leave our future generations an inheritance of a plentiful sustainable land.
Williams, J. (2004). Papa-tūā-nuku. Attitudes to land. In Ki Te Whaiao. An introduction to Māori culture and society. Ka’ai, T., Moorfield, J., Reilly, M. & Mosely, S. (Eds.). New Zealand: Pearson Education.

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