Friday, December 18, 2009

Climate change?

There is much debate goin on at the moment about climate change. but whatever you believe there is one thing that everyone would agree on and that is that we need to stop pollution.
With all the sudden interest in the enviroment, there are some issues that must be addressed.
Is this goin to create further inequality between the rich and the poor, where developing countries and poor people are made to carry the burden created by 20% of the world.
Poverty is linked to the exploitation of earth and even the entire system of how the world operates. If we are unable to care for others, then how are we able to care for earth. We need to make sure those who should be held accountable are. We need to ask questions such as who really is goin to benefit and do I trust what I am being told. Doesn't the entire way we live have to change.

Everyone has the freedom to make choices with where they are placed in this world, you can choose to do the best you can with the life your've been given. Every small but significant act counts, simply by reducing, reusing and recycling adds up. Everyone can make a difference and everyone should say that they done what they could. A question to ask yourself, is what attitude do you carry, victory or defeated.

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