Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Christmas that Transforms

A Transformational Christmas is a collaboration between Radio Rhema and Gospel For Asia to make a dent in poverty with our Christmas gift-giving. Its a different kind of Christmas that echoes of the original. If you have the time and the interest go to the Rhema site or have a look at the Good Gifts, Gifts of Hope and Gifts of Life online at World Vision, Oxfam, Tear Fund, Trade Aid and The Salvation Army. Engaging with and giving through these organizations might help you to put a fresh spin on a Story that is still worth telling.


  1. There is a really interesting article at

    Sadly the bulk of the gifts from Christian bookstores are made in appaling conditions.


    I did contact Mana to ask them for a response, havnt heard a thing.

    Just got it has Jesus on it, doesn;t make it a good gift. Just a reminder to all to ask where products come from.

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