Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pass it on

As a supporter of Green peace I recieved this email. For those of you interested in what gets imported in to our Country, read this and sign the petition if you agree. The rainforest is the lungs of the earth and home to many species.

Yesterday we once again took action against Fonterra's climate crimes - this time painting the message Fonterra Climate Crime on a ship carrying palm kernel animal feed in the Port of Taranaki. The feed is destined for Fonterra dairy herds. Its next stop is Tauranga and we will meet it there.Fonterra's use of palm kernel animal feed has been implicated in the destruction of Indonesia and Malaysia's rainforests for palm plantations. Rainforest clearance is one of the worst contributors to climate change and it destroys the last remaining habitat of the orangutan and Sumatran tiger so, as well as stopping palm kernel animal feed imports, New Zealand must also ensure that the timber we import isn't also contributing to rainforest destruction. Over the next month the Government is working on a strategy for how it will deal with illegal timber imports, especially outdoor furniture and decking made from a popular tropical timber called kwila. Imports of kwila are contributing to the destruction of the rainforests of Indonesia, Malaysia and PNG.The Green Party is to table a bill in parliament to amend the Customs Act so as to stop the import of illegal timber. We want this bill to get through its first reading. For this to happen the National government needs to support it.You can help protect the rainforests by sending a message to the Minister of Forestry David Carter urging him to support the Greens bill as well as move quickly to stop the import of illegal timber imports. As a consumer country of products from the destruction of tropical rainforests such as timber or palm kernel, we need to act now to save the forests and the climate.

Nick Young


  1. Jess

    I'm not convinced this post is within the spirit of Just Comment, which is primarily for contributors to make comment about issues of Social Justice

    whilst Just Comment is a place for robust debate amongst a group of contributors who have divergent political perspectives, I'm not sure that simply posting a Greenpeace press release serves that debate

    my opinion might be different if you had commented on what Greenpeace are doing

    although I fail to understand how their apparently illegal action deserves our support by repeating their press release here, or what the connection is to social justice

  2. Hi Gavin

    I hear what you are saying and thank you for pointing that out to me.
    I will be editing it.
    From my understanding the injustice is the cutting down of rainforest trees which are the lungs of the earth and home to endangered species. I think it is the same as what is happening with the Amazon. We should not be importing timber from the rainforests at all.
    Fonterra also don't have a good reputation with what happened in the United States and we should be keeping a close eye on what they are doing. I encourage you to watch the documentary I put on illuminate network, our other blog.

  3. sorry the doco is The Corporation.