Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Waitakere Says No to Pokies

Waitakere City Council Has just adopted Sinking Lid policy for the Gaming (Gambling ) Policy. With Much persuasian (4000 submissions) from waitakere city citizens, the council choose the Sinking lid out of the three options avalible- this means that no new licences can be granted, and when current licences expire they cannot be renewed (hence sinking lid). Justice is Near! sure it may take another 20 years for all of the pokie machines to disapear and/or the Supercity governing body could overturn the decision but the peoples voices have been heard. Now those who can vote to make such decisions know what we think. Also, as a community, we know what we think- this brings us together, for each others wellbeing and makes us stronger- together (the key word!)

See full article here- http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10598761


  1. It is such a shame that the community groups get pressured by the gambing industry to make submissions against sinking lid policies. The industry scaremongers about loss of community founding... where do they think the money comes from if its not out of the community. Surely its better to give straight to the club that needs it than have over 2/3 taken out by the industry before it is returned to the community - onoy $1 in $3 makes it back. Lets get back to communities fundraising together.. ts as much about friend raising as fundraising.


  2. Yes a Real issue for many Glenda!
    I hear that- what is the solution to all that money disappearing? well it could be that we dont need as many publicly funded social services becuase the money is now staying with families!? or yes it may prompt communities to gather and create?
    we definatly need to be thinking further on now so that when the policy starts really affecting communities we are ready for it.