Thursday, July 9, 2009

What a Difference it could make.

Be sure to watch my house my castle, Mons 8:00, tv2, and check out my husband's handy work. He was the one contracted to do all the painting and how proud I am of him. They worked for less than what their used too, worked longer hours to meet the deadline all for a family they didn't even know. The entire team worked long hours, from early morning through to late at night to try and get it finished.
What they did was great but the fact still remains that their are lots of families, people who not only need this kind of blessing, but desperately.
What a difference it would make if this was the response to a family in need, people dedicated to working long hours, working for nothing all for the sake of blessing someone who needed help and the response was a team working till the job was done. I bet you could probably think of someone right now who could use this kind of help. What ever your talent, what ever your job it's worth blessing someone with.

Also volunteer for habitat for humanity.

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