Friday, July 24, 2009

Absorbing Anger... Together

Anger? Are we angry enough? Are we too angry? Is there a place for anger within our faith? Simon Barrow of Ekklessia says this:

"What marks out the Christian community is its vocation to be ‘a holy nation’, unlike all the other nations and religions with their standing armies and hierarchies. Moreover (and this is crucial) it is the self-sacrificial blood of the Innocent One – not the slaughter of the innocents (or the guilty, for that matter) – that lies at the heart of a radical re-visioning of who God is, who we are and what God’s true purposes are about. The Body of Christ is about absorbing rather than inflicting suffering so that the grounds of enmity and division between human beings can be healed and overcome."

Have a look at the following clip from Jonathan Porritt, director of Forum for the Future, who questions the lack of our angst (sorry for the quality of the sound):

What could absorbing anger look like in our communities? Would it mean that we stand in solidarity with creation... wherever it is suffering? What could it mean to suffer together?

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