Friday, June 5, 2009

World Environment Day

Today (5/6/68) is World Environment Day ( a day to "give thanks"... a day to reflect on the gift of what Walter Brueggeman calls our "un-makeable world."

I got this email from Fraser ... it looks like a great practice of redistributive economics... its seems timely to share it today..

Hi ya ... have you heard about Freecycle?

I have been a member of this for around 6months, and i absolutely love it.

Freecycle is a web community that is committed to "reusing" rather than "refusing" stuff that you don't want or need any more.

It is free to join and all items are free, it is broken down into local communities to make it easy for items to be given/collected

There are a variety of items listed ranging from furniture through to books and computers

the website is

I have benefitted from freecycle by receiving items such as old garden tools no longer wanted by others but wanted by me, CD's and other items

I have also helped others by listing an old piano I no longer needed - it ended up going to a young girl in waiuku who had been wanting a piano to learn on

Kids worker

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