Monday, June 29, 2009

Just don't do it

A couple of comments from Dorothy Day and Eugene Peterson that have been "jarring" me into a new kind of thinking. Some context. I'm driven; I get a "kick" and a lot of my esteem from over-committing and over-producing; in fact, I feel the deepest anxiety and the most frustration when I'm empty handed, frozen stuck without something to say or show. Dorothy Day challenges my frantic "doings" with some forgotten images of Jesus:
"We are told to put on Christ, and we think of Him in His private life, His life of work, His public life, His teaching and His suffering life.  But we do not think enough of His life as a little child, as a baby. His helplessness. His powerlessness. We have to be content in that state too. Not to be able to do anything, to accomplish anything."
Dorothy Day, 1983, By Little and by Little.

Eugene Peterson says it like this:
"If we are not to simply contribute a religious dimension to the disintegration of our world, join company with the mobs who are desecrating the creation with their hurry and hype in frenzy and noise, we must attend to what we have been given and to the One who gives it to us. One large step in the renewal of the creation today... is to not take the next step: stand where we are, listen to our Lord: attend... adore."
Eugene Peterson, 2005, Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places.

Simply stated: I'm learning to stop (and to be o.k. with stopping). 

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  1. Sometimes BEING and DOING are inextricably bound ... We can't BE who we were created to be without DOING. The real challenge is (like Jesus) setting aside time with your maker to BE and find energy for the DOING.