Monday, May 4, 2009

Pigs on the News: can we get some perspective?

Today, over 25,000 children will die around the world.

"The silent killers are poverty, hunger, and easily preventable diseases and illnesses... In spite of the scale of this daily/ongoing catastrophe, it rarely manages to achieve, much less sustain, prime-time, headline coverage." (

Why isn't this news worthy?


  1. sadly the news media dont give care, and are far more excited by the colour combination of the health ministers ties and shirts

  2. I think it shows more how people (in the public) don't care.

    The media only include things that we're interested in so they can sell their stories.

    Swine flu for example, might affect 'my world', so I'll read about it. But what effect does the death of 25,000 children have on me? Not to mention we've heard it all before...

    It's just sad we're like that.

  3. I couldnt help myself, and emailed the 2 major tv networks with a copy of the Malcolms post, I didnt expect to get a response, but here it the answer that come back. It is a personal view not that of the network.

    "I cannot answer on 3 News behalf but I can give you my own perspective.

    The news is essentially driven by events - it is a list of the most newsworthy events that occur in a day.

    Whilst it is undeniable that the death of children through poverty is an important story it is more suited to a current affairs show or a documentary - it is a subject that demands and deserves more than a two minute news story could give it.

    You will find if you watch the news over a year that naturally issues like this are reported on - child soldiers in africa is an example that springs to mind.

    I would suggest that you direct your energies at those who control finances for longer programmes in New Zealand - there is not a huge pot of money for documentary making and it is here where the issues you bring up can be most effictively addressed."

  4. Darren! you are a special man!

  5. And a thought on why isnt it news worth? we are detatched, and we are feed all our pictures of starving children via world vision ads that pull on our heart strings and we eventually get used to it and its not that we dont care... its that we are in a habit of not reacting & think that surely the next person will do something. I think we need to learn to react!
    Also sometimes news is chosen because its demanded by the viewer, but its mostly chosen by a set of values- of which political interests and advertising dollars are far more important! (Fox is my favourite for this :)

  6. i have of course replied to the email, with some suggestions for how they could make it news!

    I think in some ways as an organisation we might have lost a bit of our edge and fight when it comes to this sort of thing, when was the last SA press release regarding global poverty?