Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In 2008 Fairtrade Farmers across the world recevied $800,000 from NZ'ers through Fairtrade premiums, thats on top of being paid a fairer and stable price for their product. Awesome effort NZ, goes to show that as consumers we have the power to change the world for the better.

Malcolm raised the issue of 25000 children needlessly dying due to poverty every day. How many children will $800,000 save? I dont know the answer, but i do know $1,600,000 would save a lot more.

Thanks to the Salvation Army for endorsing Fairtrade in 2006. And thanks to those in The Salvation Army all across NZ who have been part of a trade revolution. I know there are others out there in our movement who havn't made the change, perhaps now is the time to seriously consider it personally and in our corps and centres.

So weather its a cup of tea, or a pair of jeans or a t-shirt, make it fair!

Happy Fair Trade Fortnight

To read the full report check visit http://www.fairtrade.com.au/files/FTA_6ppPubDocNZ_web.pdf


  1. Dazza, the hero. I think the issue with fair trade is that we continue to limit it to our choice of consumption. It gets caught up in our dualisms and it becomes one more "either or" that we play with. I think we have to extend our imagery and place fair trade smack within our salvation story ... is it a matter of simply choosing a different product or is it a practice of salvation?.... fair trade is a sign of the Kingdom of God, isn't it?... its what God would want of a global community, isn't it?... its a practice of neighborliness, a practice of preaching with our wallets.