Monday, April 27, 2009

A New Movement of Enough is Enough

Radical, eh. What do you think? Would you join this movement?


  1. You pose some vexing questions Malcolm. Radical? On my bookshelf for many years was Bishop John V. Taylor's 'Enough is Enough' published 1975; a Christian treatise on the plenty we have. Radical for the age we are in I guess. A deeper radicalism (can there be such a thing? Radical is to the core anyway - ah, words.) would be talking about just redistribution, just access to basics etc.
    Would I join this particular movement? I had a closer look and saw it was sponsored by UBank underwritten by National Australia Bank. They gotta be joking! Sorry but when have banks represented the interests of those in need or have truly been part of a move away from the model of increased growth for increased profit?
    The idea of less consumption is a start and needs to be part of a wider picture of regarding the earth sacredly.

  2. You're right. And how cheeky that the Banks would sponsor a campaign of "enough". There is a definite conflict of interest. However, I still think it is a great conversation to have.