Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gordon Brown's speech at St Paul's

Dr Chris Marshall sent the following link and email saying: 'Can you imagine our current PM, or anyone in our government, being able to articulate such a vision? I do understand that the structural injustices in the world cannot be remedied by soaring rhetoric alone. But I am grateful that the Obamas, Rudds and Browns of our day speaking the way they are. Would that our own leaders were capable of the same depth of insight!'
Here's a teaser...."And I want to suggest to you today that this most modern of crises, the first financial crisis of the global age, has confirmed the enduring importance of the most timeless of truths - that our financial system must be founded on the very same values that are at the heart of our family lives, neighbourhoods and communities.
Instead of a globalisation that threatens to become values-free and rules-free, we need a world of shared global rules founded on shared global values. I know it’s hard to talk about the future when you’re having a tough time in the present. You don’t redesign a boat in the midst of a storm.
But we need to talk about the future - because it falls to us to shape it. When Dr Martin Luther King talked about the fierce urgency of now, he asked us to awaken to a tide in the affairs of men which if missed means you can end up being literally too late for history.

See: 8 0- accessed 1/4/09

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