Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fairtrade Fortnight 2-17 May 2009

Groups all over Australia and New Zealand are planning events to promote Fairtrade and encourage people to think about purchasing products made fairly. So why not join them, and get something planned to inform those in your church and community.

Some ideas include
  • A Fairtrade Church Service (a few corps did this last year with great results)
  • Mothers Day (10th May) Have a fairtrade morning tea, what Mother wouldn't want to support something that meant children got education.
  • Movie and Discussion - Black Gold and China Blue are both really good. I have a copy of each which can be borrowed.
  • Get in a speaker to talk about it.
  • Fairtrade T-shirt Tie dying
  • Write to companies like Cadburys encouraging them to use Fairtrade.
More ideas and info will be on the Fairtrade website soon, and packs are being put together to send out to Corps.


  1. Excellent, when can we expect to see the packs?

  2. dont have a date but pushing to get them out asap

  3. Hey send packs to Manukau Central Corp (The Salvation Army Manukau Central Corp 16b Bakerfield Place, Manukau Central, Auckland, New Zealand, 1062) ph 092622332