Thursday, March 26, 2009

Economics Hit Home

Its personal now. The global economic crisis left the distant and safe space of intellectual posturing and moved a lot closer to where we're at. A friend of mine e-mailed today to say that she has lost her job. My friend lives in a developing nation. The global financial slowdown has meant a lessening of donors, a contracting of capital income and consequently a trimming of expenditure. My friend has been "trimmed." I've gotta tell you, its scary. How will my friend cope without a fixed income or without a robust system of welfare? Will she be able to find employment in a shrinking and over-crowded market? What can I do? How many of you know someone who is facing this same cost-cutting trimming? What can we do? What will we do? Will we now learn to live from within a story of "enough" and redistribute what we have with our friends/neighbours who have-not? Will I? Will you? Will we?

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