Wednesday, March 25, 2009

100kms for Water

As you will recall Chris' Frazers last In Touch with the World focused on water...
By 2025, at least 3.5 billion people -- about half the world's populations -- will live
in areas without enough water for agriculture, industry, and human needs... Worldwide, water quality conditions appear to have degraded in almost all
regions with intensive agriculture and in large urban and industrial areas."
-- World Resources Institute, October 2000

These facts are astonishing and real. We are doing the Oxfam trailwalker, to partner with you to see the above crisis avoided. Oxfam do some amazing development work- some of which is to do with providing water and working with communities to provide sustainable living solutions. So As we walk 100km, and you give financial sponsorship, together we can contribute to dealing with the simple solutions to poverty around the world. Follow the details on the poster (double click to open larger)or leave a comment if you would like to partner with us!

Thanks to those who already have. We look forward to making you proud on April 4/5 at Taupo!