Thursday, November 27, 2008

Proximity is where its at!

I attended the Red Letter Voices Conference at which Justine Duckworth of the Wellington Urban Vision spoke about ‘Justice making in a global world’.
One of his points was that ‘proximity’ is everything.

He challenged us by asking what we’d do if a malnourished child was literally dying in the midst of the Conference. Without doubt we’d suspend proceedings and give urgent attention to the little one’s needs. Yet we can eat our meal in the comfort of a lounge chair watching TV and witnessing a mother holding her dying child for want of food, water and medical help, and do nothing.

Justine observed that the more successful we became in Christian ministry the more removed we become from the poor and the opportunity to be directly involved.

Proximity, or location, location, location is where its at. The willingness to be engaged and involved leads to costly action which was his second point and which is where Christ was in his relationship to the people, with the people and for the people. Appropriately we commence the celebration of his advent. Thankfully he has come to be with us where we are.

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