Thursday, November 6, 2008

Decision 08 - Do's and Don'ts

Do vote this Saturday and exercise your democratic right to elect the candidate/political party that you think is closest to enabling a “common good”, a “good future” that everyone can contribute to and share in.

Don’t vote thinking that this Saturday is where we abdicate our collective/personal responsibilities to the policies/programmes of a (potentially newer version of the same) “nanny state”. Its not.

“The distinctly kingdom question is not about how we should vote but about how we should live. The decision we make in each... election is no more important than how we vote everyday. We vote everyday for companies, for people, and we put money towards “campaigns.” We need to think of the faces behind the scenes. Who are the masters and Caesars that we pledge allegiance to by the way we live and through the things we put our trust in? We vote everyday with our feet, our hands, our lips, and our wallets. We are to vote for the poor. We are to vote for the peacemakers. We are to vote for the marginalized, the oppressed, the most vulnerable of our society. These are the ones Jesus voted for, those whom every empire had left behind, those whom no millionaire politician will represent.”
(Shane Claiborne, Chris Haw, 2008, Jesus For President)

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