Thursday, October 9, 2008

Enough is Enough

The girls have graduated (at least momentarily) from Barbie (see Barbie gets a gun, 25th of Sept) and with the school holidays, I had the perfect excuse to drag them off to "Wall-e", a magical little film that explores the massively critical issues of globecity - the chasing of "ease" and "ever-more", our deadly fascination with "info-tainment", our greedy and needless over-consumption, and our indifference towards scarcity. I loved how the film got the girls to naturally grapple with these complex issues facing the future of our planet.

Kiana (6) claimed in mature tones:
"... its interesting... the people have to stop being lazy... we have to do something."
Makayla (11) declared, with a hint of parochialism:
"... we have enough... we have to keep New Zealand green...."


Now there is a little word that can say something of real value to the crashing financial markets, a little word that counters the greed and politicized fear that drives our economies, a little word that can speak volumes to our worrisome world.

"Earth provides enough to satisfy everyone's need, but not everyone's greed."
(Mahtma Ghandi)

There is enough, isn't there?

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  1. Yes. An observation-

    In Sainsburys- a supermarket in England, they have removed plastic bags from the counters - they still have them avalible for you, but you have to ask. THey also have launched a text service to remind youto bring your own bags. Simply removing from sight makes a difference eh? simple and briliant. The eyes are the windows to the soul?