Friday, September 12, 2008

one of our most sacred democratic rights

In 57 days we will choose who will govern NZ for the next 3 years, because the Prime Minister today announced that the 2008 election will occur on Saturday 8 November.

As I wrote back in 2004, voting is one of our most sacred democratic rights, so I strongly encourage you to evaluate proposed policies against the values and standards you wish to see our country run on, to assess the integrity of the politicians and parties trying to secure your vote against those same standards and values ... and then - to actually vote in line with your judgement!

I support the New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services' (which includes my church the Salvation Army) recent call for ...
... policies to eliminate poverty, support families and protect children, provide for the elderly and enable access to affordable housing.

"NZCCSS is concerned that political parties have not done enough to spell out policies that could lead to better ways to utilise our nation's prosperity to reduce poverty," it said.

"At minimum we seek ... a basic assurance that the impact of all policy-making decisions be measured in terms of the quality of life of those who are the most vulnerable and who are most affected by poverty in our society."
Note, this doesn't necessarily mean I support the types of policies it could be interpreted that NZCCSS statement is seeking, but I definitely support the call for how policies impact our most vulnerable to be clearly spelled out and debated as part of the election campaign.

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