Friday, September 5, 2008

Beyond ‘dominating despair’

The following quote and thoughts are from a paper authored by Myk Habets entitled ‘Church and Civil Society: Terms of Engagement’.

“Christian faith at its best responds to the human condition of suffering when it seeks to give more than comfort and wise platitudes, when it seeks, in the experiences of suffering and joy, to find and name the presence of the divine .... The incarnation reminds us that this God became flesh and rose from the dead for new creation and new life for all. It calls for the naming of the divine in our midst and the recognition of Christ in the least of our brothers and sisters. Structures and policy which diminish the human person, marginalize and exploit should be challenged.”

As Christians we are called to make visible in the world that divine presence in all the fullness, dignity and wonder of God’s purpose in creation even in the midst of apparent destruction and despair. This means Christians should not merely be (or be seen to be) interested in temporary, issue-orientated crusades. Christians are not simply to march against injustice but to inculcate justice, model it, work for it, live it, and build it in their societies.

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