Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Imagine, Invent, Invest

Somehow I managed over a few weeks to find myself watching American Inventor. Its a show where a panel of 4 judges listen to sales pitches from wannabe inventors and then decide if that invention is worthy to go to the next round. I've missed the ending but there were some cool and quirky and downright weird inventions. A man's child was killed in a car crash because of her car seat so he invented this amazing capsule that simulates the womb like state and when struck with force it simply spins the child in such a way that there is little impact felt. (That is my terribly non-scientific description!) There was a cool pooper scooper thing that had potential. There was a chopped of dolls foot that you put jam into and then squeezed and the jam came out the toes (it was called toe jam). It was just creepy.

People have incredible imagination. I wonder where they got it from? Perhaps from the greatest inventor of all time...God! He created the heavens and the earth, he created the hummingbird to be able to fly backwards and the cockroach to be able to live 9 days without a head (I'm yet to work out why) He created the human body and none of us can really fully understand the intriquate design involved there. The bible tells us that we are made in the image of God. That ability to imagine and create is a reflection of He who made us.

As I watched the show over a few weeks at times I found myself saying "Only in America". Some of the inventions were definately for the improvement of the quality of life, others were about stroking the ego.

I wonder when we as God's imaginers will see lots of inventions created that improve the quantity of life. We all know that there are millions starving, dying of treatable disease and illness, and experiencing unnecessary pain and destruction. When will God's people imagine a better way, invest their time and their money and invent practical things to take care of the greatest thing ever created- the human life.

I think we can all be imaginers, inventors and investors. You might not see yourself as creative or being technically minded and able to build something, but don't forget - We all have the same DNA - God's. If he can create with a word, I wonder what we can create with ours? Perhaps that is a great place to begin.

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