Wednesday, June 25, 2008

its simple but not easy

I was challenged by much that was shared at JustAction08 and not wanting it to be quickly forgotten I decided I would try and have a 'greener' start to my holiday. Instead of driving from Hamilton to Auckland to fly to the south island as planned, I thought I'd catch the bus meaning one less vehicle on the road and less petrol being consumed. An $11 one way fare on the bus to Manukau was making me feel very proud of myself (saving both the environment and my wallet). I even decided to catch the bus from my house into town to the bus depot. All was sorted, I was patting myself on the back for a job well done......

Until I discovered that the connecting bus in Auckland that I needed to get me from Manukau to the airport didnt run on Saturdays and the closest other bus would leave me with a 4km walk to the airport. Car transport was now required for this last leg (thanks Manukau Corps). So Saturday morning came and I waited patiently at the bus stop near my house. I waited, and waited and waited. For some reason the bus I had planned to get me to the bus station was not running and I was going to miss my bus to Auckland unless I could get a another car trip was now required (thanks Bec).

I felt slightly less proud of my efforts but still glad I gave it a go....until I tried to get home.

With a delayed flight in Christchurch I missed my connecting buses in Auckland and so a friend drove from Hamilton to pick me up as I had to get back that night. Now I was feeling annoyed at the whole process. I was trying to do something good and it ended up being worse than if I hadnt even tried.....

But, does that mean that we give up just because the first time doesnt go well? If that were true no one would ever seek to pursue living a just life and seeking to make change in the world. Pursuing these things will be costly, to our time, our energy and yes even our pockets....but its got to be worth the cost if change happens surely?

I was reminded yet again of the AA saying from the Big Book - IT'S SIMPLE, BUT NOT EASY.

If we are looking for this kind of change to happen easily, we will be quickly disappointed and walk away. But if we can understand the simplicity of change required and then work hard to see change take place....then everyone wins


  1. Really greaat contribution Shar. I am challenged by your thoughts. I am still not doing enough in the eco area. I t is my challenge but as you say simple but not easy

  2. Dude, love it. We simply have to give it a go and enjoy the ride (or rides in your case)!!!!