Friday, June 27, 2008

'Faithful Global Citizenship' Day Seminar Sat.5 July

Has the church more to say to society than; “We demand the right to smack our kids?” How can the Christian community and the government work together to ensure better outcomes for: the environment, world peace, the poor, refugees, and international aid workers?
Surely Jesus is passionately interested in the plight of the poor, the refugee, the sweatshop worker and the planet. If you are interested in these things also and you can be in Auckland next Saturday July 5th then come and join the Forum of The Christian Left as we discuss Faithful Global Citizenship. Join with some of our MPs who are willing to engage with a progressive Christian voice.
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‘Faithful Global Citizenship’ - 3rd Annual Conference - 5th July 2008
Key Note Speaker: Dr Roland Boer of Monash University, argues that the religious left should ally with the secular left to reclaim the reformist and revolutionary potential of the Bible.
Workshops will include Immigration/asylum, Environment, International Aid, Fair trade vs. Free trade.
One week to go. If you live in or near Auckland is not too late but please we'd prefer you to register beforehand than just show up (although we won't turn you away) If you would email Amber with your intentions we'll make sure we have enough lunch for you.

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