Sunday, May 4, 2008

Talking of Lighting a Candle

Robbie Deans (coach of the mighty Crusaders) said at the Sally Red Shield breakfast launch on Wednesday the person who had most influenced him in his treatment of the young men players in the Crusaders was Bob Millar (a Christchurch Salvation Army officer who died a couple of weeks ago). On Thursday the Wellington City Council planted a tree and put a park bench in Glover Park in Wellington to mark the influence of Peter Thorp (another Sally officer who died last year) on the city and people of Wellington. In addition the City Council turned on the Cross on Mount Victoria on the anniversary of Peter's death

Why were these two so influential. In my view simply because they made a life/faith connect. They both loved being with people of all types. They didn't do that in a preachy or religious way just a human connected way. As people met, talked and socialised with them both the power of their faith influenced lives.

It is not our words but the quality of our living that changes the world

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  1. That's awesome to hear that both these men have been recognised outside of the 'organisation' for their lives lived as they did. It is both an encouragement and a challenge to me. The encouragement is that one doesn't have to be 'special' or have a 'celebrity' status in order to make a difference in the community. The challenge is that one has to be prepared to dedicate ones life to the cause...otherwise prob best to try and gain some celebrity status in order to 'highlight' issues. I think both of these men, in their own ways and for various reasons, didn't necessarily always 'fit'within our organisation....perhaps that is what gave them both a heart and compassion for those outside of the ranks....maybe it was their love for Jesus who as one 'homeless' christchurch man said "What I love about Jesus is that he was homeless too".....maybe for too long I've been guilty of seeing my difference with others instead of our similarities....we all need grace, we all need Jesus, and we all need the Peter's and Bob's of this world to show us that grace is within our reach and that Jesus was homeless too.