Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Myth of Progress: what now?

Scarey excerpts from Ronald Wright (2004), A Short History of Progress:

"From the first chipped stone to the first smelted iron took nearly three million years; from the first iron to the hydrogen bomb took only 3,000 years... 

Violence is bred by injustice, poverty, inequality and other violence.  This lesson was learnt very painfully in the first half of the twenthieth century, at a cost of 80 million lives.  Of course, a full belly and a fair hearing won't stop a fanatic; but they can greatly reduce the number who become fanatics... 

The future of everything we have accomplished since our intelligence evolved will depend on the wisdom of our actions over the next few years... these years may be the last when civilization still has the wealth and political cohesion to steer itself towards caution, conservation and social justice... the 10,000-year experiment of the settled life will stand or fall by what we do, and don't do now."

It is a heavy and poignant thought, eh: what's next?  what now? who is going to dream, imagine and fight for something fairer, something newer?  

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  1. Ello, ello...

    Malcolm, thanks for the excerpt. It is so important that we tap in to Gods imagination for this world, for the change that needs to happen.

    I read a devastating quote from the president of Brazil, about how the Brazillian young people in poverty are losing the ability to dream.
    When that begins to happen the world is in a dangerous place...

    Anyway, Loving your work JustComment crew, some awesome posting going on.

    Hope you are all well.