Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Values: Part II

A little something to keep the conversation of Campbell Roberts alive (posted April 2o, 2008). Some more values with which we might re-imagine and renew the neighbourhoods we share:

... without the erasing of differences
equity... the flattening and redistribution of power
community development... in and through interdependence
embrace... without the fear of excluding evil or indifference to injustice
generosity... and not scarcity
hospitality... intentionally making room for others in what we call our 'own' - our seeing and in our spaces
freedom... without slipping into hyper individualism
fair and transparent trading
fun... simply and madly celebrating everything that is good
consumerism... without excess
faith/hopefulness... without devaluing the creation or elevating a fatalistic escape to heaven
sustainability... without the moralizing, please.

Doable? Touchable? What do you think?


  1. These are very good. It would be interesting to debate them and see if we mean the same thig by the labels though.

    Perhaps we could add: Tolerance of Diverse Faith/s too.

    I heard yesterday of a prominent christian evangelist who publicly labelled Muslins as the anti-christ. My more complete comment is on my blog ( if anyone's interested.

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