Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fair Trade Fortnight

Fair trade fortnight is coming very soon.... infact 3-18 May is it!

Whats it all about? ITs about celebrating an alternative trade system that places some the power back in the hands of the producers. It aims to bring about more profit for growers, build sustainable livlihood for them, their families and their communities. This fortnight is also about awareness of how trade affects the world- for good and for bad. We can ask questions like: waht is my role in all of this? and then what is our role (for waht ever community your involved with ) in this?

For more info go to the Fair Trade Fortnight website

You can get involved, Here are some ideas:

  • You can hold a Fair trade morning tea in you workplace or home or church

  • You can stick up posters and info alerting people to the issue (see website)

  • Go to an event in your area (see website)

Keep up the good fight! Choose today, Choose fair trade!

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