Sunday, April 20, 2008

A brillant idea came to fruition this weekend with Prime Minister Rudd convening a national summit of the country's leading thinkers to propose a vision for the future direction of Australia.

Articulating the vision and values of a country is vital if social justice is to be achieved

Achieving biblical/social justice is the aim of The Salvation Army in New Zealand. Expressed in the mission to reform society and the goal to eradicate poverty. The question is what values does New Zealand have when it is reformed and has eradicated poverty. What are we working to reform New Zealand to? What are the values of the New Zealand we are trying to bring about.

In broad terms of course we desire a country that loves God, where people love and respect each other, a country where social justice exists in its borders and is worked for globally. But do we know specifically what actual values must be developed and encouraged if New Zealand is to be this sort of country.

I think the evidence is clear that work is needed if we as Salvationists are to have clarity on the vision and values we want New Zealand and New Zealanders to possess and treasure.
So this blog is a call to make a start. Lets debate together the essential vision and values we desire for New Zealand.

I invite you comment and contribution on what this vision and the supporting values should be.

For starters can I suggest two values
1.Ensuring that each person is given the respect and human dignity that comes from God
It would mean among other things that every person has access to food, shelter, healthcare and education in sufficient measure to maintain their life and dignity. Also it means the protection of the human dignity and life given each human person by God must be the prime driver of any social, political or economic system. "Yet you have made human beings a little lower than God and crowned them with glory and honour" Psalm 8:5
2. Every person must live in a relationship of interdependence with others.
A sense of community must be greater than our individual rights. Close loving relationships to others is a requirement. Systems of business, politics, economics and other systems must create community not detract from it or destroy it. "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another" John 13:35

Let the debate begin. What are the values essential for a socially just New Zealand?
respect that every person .

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